A downloadable game for Windows

You are a drone studying a distant planet and about to finish your exploration and analysis job. The contact with planet Earth is about to be lost. As you say goodbye to the team back home and wondering what you can do with your retirement, you see ships are landing around you. You find out quickly that these aliens are here to gather data from you in order to understand humans and eventually eradicate them. The only way to save your creators is to fight back and use alien technologies to improve and jump from planet to planet until you reach homeland.


  • Rogue-like X Twin-stick shooter
  • Voxel graphic style
  • Randomized planets
  • XP system to improve health/speed/firePower...
  • Modules/drones/powers to unlock
  • Epic boss fights
  • Fun with physics/gravity


  • Windows 7 to 10
  • A decent graphic card
  • Xbox360/One gamepad if you wish or mouse/keyboard combo (Default is azerty keyboard but its remappable in the Input Tab in the first window)

Work in progress

The game is still in development. I will update as much as I can. So stay tuned for hot stuff including:

  • 8 Planets with their own ecosystems
  • Shinier voxels
  • Music
  • New modules
  • New powers
  • New drones
  • Different characters with specific weapons and powers
  • A mind-blowing ending


FinalTouchdown-beta11.zip 42 MB